Our purpose is to awaken your freedom. It is a call to awaken within the dream and begin the lucid dreaming of the world, remembering who we are, reminding others who dream: we are no less than divine. Perfect, guiltless and loved.

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Know Who You Are

The purpose of this page is to awaken your freedom. You needn't believe in, agree with, or practice anything you read here; the words are catalytic, awakening memories and knowledge of your being.

You are free. No matter what bonds may seem to bind you, they are imperfect and temporary and not what God created when you were created. You are free and that is why God has not interfered with your dream.

You are not a body. You do not arise from a complex arrangement of cells. Your consciousness is not something that happens in a brain. What you are does not age, become diseased or die.

You are not a personality. You are not your judgments, fears, limitations, desires, needs or emotions. All of these are temporary vestiges; brief whirlpools and eddies in the ever-flowing river of Being. You are not limited by what your personality knows or thinks it is. These notions are no more substantial than the features of a dream. They are utterly inconsequential to the truth of what you are.

The truth of your being is absolute freedom. Any perceived limitation to that freedom is therefore not in our true nature and will inevitably fall away, having no reality of it's own.

The Nature of God is Your Nature

God is perfect, and everything created by God is perfect. God created you perfect and you cannot change that. You can't make yourself imperfect because you cannot alter the fact that you were created by God.

God is whole. You were created by God, and are part of God because God is All-That-Is. There is nothing you can do to alter the wholeness of God, therefore you are perfectly one with God. Nothing that has happened or will happen can change that.

God is Love. There is no limit to God's love, therefore you are within God's love at all times. There are no conditions on this love other than being itself. You are, therefore you are loved, completely, wholly, and without any limit or precondition whatsoever.

God is eternal. Everything you were, are and will ever be is known to God, and this knowledge is in God's present. There is no deadline, no hurry, no need for you to be any different than you are at this moment and for every moment to come. The time you think separates you from perfection is nothing to God's eternal knowledge.

God is timeless, seeing all of time as a single instant. The “law” of cause and effect is of time (it is not, after all, the “law of effect and cause”), and therefore not God's law. No end can justify any means because in God, the two are one. No punishment can be of God, for an action and it's punishment must happen one before the other. Such ideas have no meaning to the timeless. The law of God is eternal being, nothing less.

God is All-That-Is. There is no part of the universe, no part of existence that is not of God. Nothing has been cast out, exiled, disconnected, damned or made separate. Such a thing would make God less than whole, less than All That Is and this is impossible.

God is not our myths of God. It was said we were made in God's image, however, we have made our myths of God in our image. God is not angry, judgmental, jealous, destructive, needing worship, demanding sacrifice, or playing favorites. These are our myths of God and you will notice that these are all things that personalities with bodies do. God is not a personality or a body, and in truth neither are you.

You cannot betray God. You cannot anger, sin against, profane, or desecrate God. All actions we have labeled as these things are completely inconsequential to God's being, our being or even to our relationship with God. Each of us is always and in every way within God's grace, without expectation for any form of behavior.

God is the Beholder

You are beautiful and loved. Beautiful not because your body is beautiful; loved not because you are lovable. You are beautiful and loved because you are beheld by God.

God is All-That-Is. God is what All-That-Isó is. You are, therefore you are of God. God is love, therefore you are of love.

Know this of everyone you see, meet and interact with and you will grow into freedom, into the nature of the soul. As you treat your brothers and sisters, so your treat yourself; as you see others, so you see yourself.

Learn to see yourself as God sees you.

If what you see seems ugly or hateful, the grace of God will heal your sight, and already has. If how you have treated another is unloving or hurtful, God has already forgiven what was only the mad act of one who dreams.

Wake within the Dream

Your perceptions are something that happens in your brain. However, the content of these perceptions do not exist as realities. We experience them as real but we are only temporarily forgetting that they are not. We are playing at those illusions being real, pretending to inhabit them, but this is not a call to stop pretending as that would be utterly impractical. This is not the wake-up alarm to the dreamers of the world. This is the call to lucidity. An invitation to the lucid dreaming of the world. Wake within the dream, and as you become lucid, so shall others. In fact, it is only as others awaken that you awaken because out of the dream there are no “others.” Do not mistake this invitation as one to become better than anyone else, for that would only deepen the illusion of your separateness.

The dream will end in time, there is no need to hurry that, but those who dream without knowing it are suffering. When you know you are love, you want everyone else to know it, too. So we mustn't wake from the dream to where we cannot reach other dreamers; this is a call to wake within the dream. It is quite possible.

Namaste. As one of God to another such one, I honor you and thank you.

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